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In the greenhouses of palm3-4you...


Winter storage

The mMost patio plants, container plants and exotics require some extra attention in winter. They require a light, frost-free spot and limited watering. Not every plant lover has such a place to overwinter his beloved plant. But we can help you with that help! From October to May we help your plants winthrough. We have a light-filled, frost-free greenhouse and we also provide appropriate watering and fertilization. We also provide any maintenance/pruning and disease control. The plants can be delivered to us by the customer himself or we can help collect and return your plants for an agreed fee.

All-in package

A place in oursThe conservatories cost 8 euros/m2per month. The necessary space is determined according to the total diameter of a plant, so that it has enough space. With multiple plants, sufficient space is taken into account so that each plant has room to grow and receive the necessary care in the spring. This price includes the following:

  • Watering

  • Fertilize if necessary

  • Maintenance/pruning

  • Control of diseases and pests

As soon as we know the required size, you will receive the invoice for the entire period + any transport costs (return). If the plant arrives in poor condition/disease or pest, the treatment will incur an additional cost, this will be communicated before the treatment.
Plants that are in such poor condition may be refused.


You can also contact us for repotting your beloved plant or tree, or it can receive intensive pruning at the customer's request. Or we can remove your plant or tree from its pot and renew the soil.

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