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The ideal winter protection


Heating cable for plants

The heating cables are often used for olive trees, palm trees or other Mediterranean plants. The heating cable offers container plants optimal protection against cold (frost) and keeps your plants safethrough the winter. The VA heating cable can be placed around the tub, the trunk or around the crown, to protect the so-called palm heart of a palm tree or olive tree. The cord can be secured with rope or binding wire. Extra protection in addition to this heating cable is advisable, only then will your survival be assured plant/tree guaranteed. This can be done using a fleece cloth, plant cover or coconut material. It is advisable to keep at least 3cm between each winding.

Your winter protection

The electric heating cable is the ideal protection for your exotic plants, palms, banana plants, etc. With this heating cable it is possible to keep plants that cannot withstand our winters through the winter.e help. This cable has been specially developed to heat plants, is very flexible, splash-proof and can also be used as ground heating in your seed trays, pots or even to be completely buried as ground heating. The cable is also suitable for keeping pipes frost-free.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 4 meters = 2m + 2m heated: 20 Watt • € 17.50

  • 6 meters = 2m + 4m heated: 30 Watt • € 22.50

  • 8 meters = 2m + 6m heated: 50 Watt • € 25.00

  • 10 meters = 2m + 8m heated: 40 Watt • € 39.95

  • 12 meters = 2m + 10m heated: 60 Watt • € 45.00

  • 16 meters = 2m + 14m heated: 110 Watt • €52.50

  • 20 meters = 2m + 18m heated: 90 Watt • €59.95

Would you like to order a heating cable?

Simply send us an email by clicking the button below stating your order.

We will then send you an order confirmation with invoice. After payment of the invoice, your order will be delivered to your home within 5 working days.An amount of €5.00 will be charged for shipping. Shipping is free from a purchase of €40.00.

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