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Palm trees and olive trees in every size


Holiday in your own garden

With more than a decade onexpertise in garden and earthworks, the desire grew in us to bring a holiday atmosphere into our own gardengene. We found inspiration in the enchanting southern plants and old, exclusive olive treespeople who gave us an instant holiday feeling. After extensive research and numerous visits to Spanish plantations, our mission was clear: to bring this Mediterranean beauty to the Benelux. We carefully selected southern (olive) trees that are not only aesthetically stunning, but also resistant to our climate, so that they create a serene holiday oasis in your garden all year round.  


From the founding of our garden contracting company, Mediterranean plants have fueled our passion. Given the increasing demand for a'holiday feeling in your own garden',we specialize in the sale of exclusive olive and palm trees. Our journey in this niche has brought us to a point where we grow your trees ourselvesselect carefully and import in full loads to Belgium. This allows you to choose from a wide range of trees, directly from our company.

Experiencing and touching this personallyliving works of art offers a unique experience, an extra dimension in the choice of your tree, we therefore invite you to come and take a look.

​We strive to maintain a diverse offering so that we can find the perfect,immediately available tree to have available.

You have the option to pick up trees directly from us, or we can provide themdelivery and installation at your home in the garden. We also offer our own, carefully composed soil substrate and fertilizers - everything to keep your Mediterranean trees in optimal condition.


Palm3-4you is nowthe specialist in the Mediterranean trees and plants sector, with a special focus on exclusive olive trees and palm trees. Our offer consists of a carefully curated collection of these beautiful trees, ideal for enriching your garden with Mediterranean elegance.

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