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Olive trees in every size and for every budget


In a Southern atmosphere

Our selection includes a range of olive trees ranging from traditional to ultra-exclusive specimens, allowing us to provide the perfect green companion for any garden, patio or landscape design.

The Olea Europaea, also known as the European olive tree, is a symbol of elegance and timeless beauty. Our common olive trees bring Mediterranean charm to your outdoor space, offering not only graceful shapes but also the opportunity to enjoy the delicious fruits they produce.

For those looking for something extraordinary, we proudly present our exclusive collection of olive trees. These rare specimens have been carefully selected for their unique characteristics, such as unusual shapes, striking bark structures and artistic features that add an unmistakable look to any environment.

At palm3-4you, quality is of paramount importance. Our olive trees are grown and maintained with the utmost care, resulting in healthy, strong specimens that are ready to enrich your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for a subtle addition to yourgarden or a striking showpiece for an exclusive setting, we have the perfect Olea Europaea for you.


Visit our showroom and discover the beauty and diversity of our olive trees. Our expert staff are ready to guide you in choosing the ideal olive tree that suits your taste, style and space. Beautify your environment with the timeless grace of the Olea Europaea, available from palm3-4you.

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